Shopping-Malls Cause Male Infertility  

The leading cause of male infertility is a low sperm count. 

Testicular exposure to shopping-malls has been conclusively linked to a fall-in male sperm counts in all major Western Countries.  

Between 1938 and 1992 male sperm counts have declined by a massive 42%.   

The evidence is conclusive and overwhelming:  

Shopping-Malls are the # 1 worldwide cause of male infertility!   

FACT:Statistically male sperm counts have dropped incrementally at the same rates as shopping-malls have become established.

So what causes sperm-counts to drop in men exposed to shopping-malls? 

The known environmental factors include: 

1.)Stress: Emotional stress interferes with the hormone GnRH and reduces sperm counts. 

2.)Overheating: Testicular exposure to sweltering-hot & packed malls will lower the sperm-count in 100% of all men.    

3.)Environmental Assaults: Malls are a communal breeding ground for disease.  

Every male needs to lower their exposure to malls or risk becoming sterile. 

Men who work in malls will almost certainly be rendered impotent.

You owe it to your testes to avoid shopping-malls.   

Going mall-free will increase sperm-counts in 90% of all males.  

Take a look at this 'before' and 'after 3 months' photo: 

It's no wonder Mall-Free men have more sex. 

Natural selection really is the ‘survival of those who reproduce the best’. 

A mall-free male is able to produce more and stronger sperm.  

Women instinctively & intuitively seek-out those with the strongest genes. 

Constant change for betterment in gene pool means it is inevitably the day will come when mall-free men will rule the planet and all other males will effectively be rendered eunuchs.